PedalFlex® Resistance Bands

$ 29.99 $ 60
  • Home gyms are the latest trend considering the hectic schedule making it hard enough to spare time for traveling to the gym and due to current worldwide pandemic, almost impossible to get your good workout outside your home.

    This foot pedal exerciser is one such home gym accessory to look out for the household ladies, kids, and elders for toning and stretching of full body parts.


    Tones multiple muscle groups –

    Exercises with Foot Pedal Exerciser

    Just put your feet inside the foam coated pedals and hold the handle with both the hands. Tone your legs, abdominal muscles, back, arms easily with the versatile sit up pull rope.


    Comfort at its peak 

    When comfort and ease of doing exercise is the priority, no one can beat the quality of this pedal exerciser.

    Super Comfortable Foot Pedal Exerciser

    Super soft handles made with super durable foam along with non-slip foot pedals for all sizes quickly make elders, young and kids fall in love with this gadget.


    Extremely Portable 

    Traditional exercise accessories like dumbbells, barbells are durable enough but limited only to your home or gym, which is a significant disadvantage if you are a frequent traveler.

    This pull rope exerciser survives the test of time in the long term.



    Pedal exerciser comes in four different colors (green, blue, purple and pink) to match your style and provides a feel-good factor.

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